What We Do

SIRC provides sustainable solutions to divert valuable resources from landfills by developing, owning, and operating an integrated waste management cluster driven by source segregation.

We host comprehensive treatment solutions for Municipal Solid Waste including Material Recovery Facilities, which allow the sorting and capturing of recyclables, as well as Composting, which reverts organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizers. As for the waste that cannot be treated, our Waste-to-Energy solutions turn it into energy.

We also introduce advanced recycling systems for Construction and Demolition Waste to divert it from landfills and vacant plots around our cities, while extracting high quality aggregates to be used for construction projects across the Kingdom.

SIRC is the largest Industrial Waste Management company in the GCC with a fully integrated platform to handle, store, transport, treat, and safely dispose of the hazardous waste generated by industries, while achieving the highest levels of circular economy.

We support the Kingdom’s global leadership in oil & gas production, as well as its growing mining sector by implementing the best technologies to responsibly treat the generated waste, protect the environment and public health, and recover resources for a longer lifespan.

We also cater to the waste challenges of the healthcare industry by designing and operating state-of-the art incineration plants to safely treat their hazardous materials in the most ecofriendly way and in accordance with local and international standards.

To optimize product lifecycles and promote the conservation of our natural resources, SIRC completes its circular economy approach by capitalizing on innovative recycling solutions for rising special waste streams in the Kingdom that require environmental action.

We invest in the treatment and recovery of discarded niche materials such as tires and electronics to turn them back into valuable resources for manufacturing new products. These types of waste can cause severe pollution and usually require exclusive handling and disposal due to their special characteristics such as their volume, biological and chemical properties, and regulatory classification.

Nearly everything we use in our everyday lives can be recycled, that’s why we believe that any discarded product should be given a second chance for a new life, as complex as its composition might be.

With global Centers of Excellence based in KSA, the UAE, India, and Spain, SIRC provides Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) services focused on recycling facilities and technologies

We design, build, and execute all our projects by managing the full aspects of their infrastructure lifecycles, from concept development to the in-house construction and operation of facilities. We further work on the digitization of our operations, such as developing tracking systems for the quantities of waste collected.

Most importantly, we champion the discovery and formulation of innovations by continuously investing in applied Research & Development to transfer and localize proven technologies to our Kingdom, and make sure of funding a cleaner and more efficient future.